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Whether you may or may not be aware of Rootsweb, a site that’s been around only slightly longer than this Loy website, you may have noticed dead (rather, offline) Rootsweb URL links scattered throughout this Loy site., which took control of Rootsweb some time back, has been “improving” Rootsweb since 2017. This “improvement” has resulted in virtually all of Rootsweb being offline for some months.

This includes Rootsweb’s volunteer-contributed genealogical data, surname and place forums, surname and place mailing lists, and free personal websites hosted through Rootsweb. And the very helpful TownCo Identifier, that is linked on my main page. Before I began self-hosting the Loy site, to gain more freedom to do my own web programming on it, it was previously on Rootsweb’s free hosting server. Thus, one of the benefits of self-hosting. Otherwise, this site would have been down for months and still down.

Most dead (offline) Rootsweb URLs, due to this “improvement,” now show a page of its current status, rather than direct to web page intended. Checking today, I see the Rootsweb mailing lists are back up. The WorldConnect online trees are back up, but in view-only.

So, yes, if you see a non-working Rootsweb URL link around here, I know; and keep checking back. Once Rootsweb is fully operational again, I’ll be going through my posted links to make sure these links are back to working and update any URLs that Ancestry/Rootsweb changed due to this “improvement.”

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    1. loyhistory Post author

      Hi Ginny,

      Yes. Actually it was replacement even before Rootsweb went offline for “improvements.”

      There were many new features I wanted for the Loy site that Rootsweb Freepages didn’t offer. So I migrated site to its own domain where I could do my own web programming for those features. For a while I did keep “pared-down” version at Rootsweb Freepages as well, but it proved too much effort updating both. Before Rootsweb went offline, I’d deleted all but my main page, which gave a link to this site.

      The link you gave above was for the John George Loy line. If you’ve not noticed it yet, the new link for that page is

      1. Ginny

        Thank you for confirming that for me. I have been going through all my sources to make certain they still work and yours was a puzzle for me. And thank you for pointing me to the correct page because I was unsure how your data was arranged now. I was particularly interested in his son Adam Loy who I believe married Anna Christiana Emmert (I am an Emmert descendant through her sister Anna Maria).

        Also I have been trying to get in touch with you for years to get your opinion on research I did on the Emmerts if you are Grady Loy?

        1. loyhistoriansavant Post author

          No, I’m not Grady Loy, though I’ve corresponded with him off and on for quite a long time. I think since around 1990s. Last I communicated with him about 5 years ago, he was still in Japan. At one time (and possibly still now, though he’s not posted there in many years) he was a fellow subscriber on the LOY mailing list at Rootsweb. Of course, as mentioned above, all the Rootsweb stuff has been offline since last year and only now slowly coming back.

          Although I don’t “do” Facebook, I just now did a search there and found he has FB account and is currently in Yokohama. If you have a Facebook account, you should be able to get in contact with him there.

          1. Ginny

            Thank you for the idea on how to contact Grady. I had a friend living in Japan track him down at work about a year ago and provide him the report I had done on the Emmerts, but did not hear back..

            So I switched the URL for your work in my sourcing to your new URL. What name should I include for you?

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