John Loy (to America from England 1856)

John Loy (2 May 1827 [death cert gives 1828 christened 30 May 1827 Crosby Ravensworth, Westmorland Co., ENGLAND, U.K. — 22 March 1912 St. Louis, [no county], MO)
md. (#1) ca. 1860
Catherine (“Kate”) Kerwin (1838 IRELAND — 11 July 1874 St. Louis [no county], MO)
md. (#2) 7 October 1878 (St. Louis [no county], MO)
Jane M. (“Jennie”) Sheridan (19 May 1854 OH — 30 January 1943 St. Louis [no county], MO)
d/o Philip and Mary (McMahon) Sheridan, who were both born in Ireland.

John was son of James and Barbara (Langhorn) Loy.

During the late 1600s and early 1700s persecution of Huguenots along the modern France-Germany border, many Huguenot families would have found refuge in Great Britain. Thus, there were Loy families in what then consisted of Great Britain, including Ireland and Scotland, that likely had origins in modern France and Germany.

Brothers Thomas, John, and Robert Loy migrated to America about 1856. Through census, church, and other records found at, I was able to trace the three Loy brothers’ ancestry. Thus far, I have found no immigration records on these brothers. As Robert’s obituary and the 1900 census both give his year of immigration as 1856, I am listing all three with an 1856 arrival until I find definite sources for Thomas and John.

Thomas died before the June 1900 census, which would have listed his year of arrival to the U.S. His 1900 obituary states he arrived in America “nearly 40 years ago,” but this may have been off, just as Thomas’ birth year was. John’s 1900 census gives his own arrival in 1855, while the 1910 census gives year as 1854. It is possible, Thomas and John could have arrived in America a year or two before or after Robert did, or they may have all come together.

John is listed in the 1841 Westmorland Co., ENGLAND census with parents, but not in 1851 Westmorland Co., ENGLAND census, where Robert is the eldest son to still live in parents’ household. I could find neither Thomas nor John in England or U.S. records for that time period. The next time I find John in census is with wife “Cate” in the 1860 St. Louis [no county], MO census. They are also in 1870 St. Louis census with their children. In 1880, 1900, and 1910 John and second wife Jane are yet living in St. Louis, MO.

Back in the late 1980s or early 1990s I had received a letter from a descendant of John’s, which I think was from son Lincoln. (At present I’m not near my older files to check.) She had inherited a pre-1923 postcard which had been addressed and sent to my grandma’s grandfather’s brother Thomas S. Loy, of Effingham Co., IL. The sender was another Effingham Co., IL relative. She sent me a photocopy of this card, puzzled how our Loys might have been connected by this card. She didn’t know much about her Loy ancestors. From what I concluded, as she did as well, her family must have picked up this card in a flea market or estate sale; and because it said “Thomas S. Loy,” one of her family members may have obtained it for the novelty of it. At the time I had also been aware of John’s brother Robert, of Eureka, KS; but at that time neither of us knew that John and Robert were related. What was intriguing to me, not only did my Loys and hers both have a Thomas S. Loy, both branches also had a Lincoln Loy also living in the same era.

John and Catherine’s children:


Born Where Died Where
#1 Lincoln Kerwin Loy
[founded Loy-Lange Box Company in 1897]
14 April 1861 St. Louis [no county], MO 7 February 1931 St. Louis [no county], MO
md. 18 June 1890 St. Louis [no county], MO Mary Elizabeth Knight (sister to Annie) 7 February 1868 St. Louis [no county], MO 21 November 1947 St. Louis [no county], MO
#2 James Langhorn
12 September 1862 St. Louis [no county], MO 21 March 1943 St. Louis [no county], MO
md. 1894 (St. Louis [no county], MO) Annie Knight (sister to Mary Elizabeth) 17 October 1864 St. Louis [no county], MO 3 February 1957 St. Louis [no county], MO
#3 Ada Bell
7 February 1867 St. Louis [no county], MO 28 May 1937 Affton, St. Louis Co., MO
md. (#1) ca. 1888 George C Mortland 9 February 1858 St. Louis [no county], MO 7 October 1925 St. Louis [no county], MO
md. (#2) George W. Walker ? ? ? ?
#4 Robert Henry Loy March 1870 St. Louis [no county], MO 4 September 1870 St. Louis [no county], MO

John and Jane’s child:


Born Where Died Where
#1 Thomas Sheridan Loy August 1879 St. Louis [no county], MO 14 March 1957 St. Louis [no county], MO
md. Elsie H. Haeussler 21 December 1886 St. Louis [no county], MO 14 December 1966 St. Louis [no county], MO

[Thomas and Elsie had no children.]