Changes With This Update

First of all, I want to wish everyone a Happy Easter! Most of us won’t be celebrating in the manner we’re accustomed to doing. But as long as we focus on why we celebrate, it’ll always be a happy Easter, no matter what.

Though I didn’t get to write a blog post last month, I’ve been busy updating or changing other areas of this site. One major change was removal of the Loy Query Forum. Over the years it hadn’t proved very user-friendly…and I was its only poster!  ? And now that I started the LOY Surname group email list (which replaces Rootsweb’s obsolete one), the forum seemed rather redundant. Some topics of forum, such as family recipes, I plan to eventually put back up but with its own page on the main Loy website.

Although the forum’s topic for TVA Relocation is also deleted, I’ve started an email list group for this as well, called “TVA-Exodus.”  It’s not limited to discussion about the relocations in the Lake Norris area, but all the states where TVA mandated an exodus, even in decades after 1930s. The list is open to all, whether you lived through the TVA exodus, descend from someone who did, or are related to someone who did. Or just a history scholar who’d like to discuss the relocations, especially with those who were affected by it.

I’ll be working on other site updates in the coming weeks, so keep watching! ?

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