Patrick Loy (to America 1856)

Patrick Loy (1819-1825 Ireland—between 1875-1879 Detroit, Wayne Co., MI)
md. (in Ireland)
Catherine (“Kate”) Toner (31 October 1831 Ireland—6 February 1914 Detroit, Wayne Co., MI) d/o John and Bridget (Corwin) Toner, both born 1811.

Patrick was s/o _____ (died before 1870) and Rose (_____) Loy (ca. 1790 Ireland—27 November 1874 [at home of Rose’s son Owen] Detroit, Wayne Co., MI). Rose’s obituary is in the Sunday, 29 November 1874 Detroit Free Press.

According to Dorothy Landoll, Patrick’s years of birth differ on documentations and he may have been born in County Fermanaugh in Ireland (though County Armaugh is also a possibility). She said Patrick also had one known brother named Owen Loy.

Patrick traveled from Ireland to Scotland with the Toner family ca. 1854, where they lived several years. Then they returned to Ireland and then immigrated to the U.S. Two of their children were born in Ayr, Scotland and four more children were born in Detroit, Wayne Co. MI.

The last I found of Patrick was in the 1874-75 Detroit city directory and a mention in the 23 October 1873 Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI). It seems unfortunate that in whatever articles I found of this family, there were run-ins with the law. An 11 July 1865 edition of this paper lists both Patrick and Catherine charged with Assault and Battery during a fight with others. Their son Oney was described as “notorious” in many of his robbery accounts spanning 1878-1883. [This seems to be son Owen, as the 1880 census gives Oney’s occupation as painter, same as Owen’s, though their ages are a year or two different compared with other census.] The Detroit Free Press mentions an earlier Owen Loy conviction, but as this was dated in a 24 July 1863 paper, this Owen would have been Patrick’s brother rather than son Owen, who would have been about two years old that year.

According to the 1900 census, Catherine had 14 children, 4 living that year. Besides the children below, there were several Loy names (including a Patrick Loy d. 1869) with only death dates that are listed in the Mount Elliott Cemetery (Detroit, MI), where Patrick’s mother Rose is buried. If any of these were not Patrick’s brother Owen’s children, perhaps all or most of these were children of Patrick and Catherine. The John Loy buried there with 18 January *1884* burial date seems like their son John Thomas Loy, who was listed with 15 January *1885* death, married, and “killed by cars” at age 26 in the Michigan Death Index 1867-1897 at

Besides my own research on dates/places of birth, death, marriage, and spouses of Patrick’s family, names of Patrick’s children were given me by whose grandfather Henry was son of the above Patrick Loy.

Their children:

Born Where Died Where
#1 Margaret Loy
16 December 1855
Ayr, Scotland 25 August 1919 Detroit, Wayne Co., MI
md. Silas A. Roberts 22 May 1841 MI 10 September 1911 Detroit, Wayne Co., MI
#2 Roseanna (“Rose”) Loy 17 May 1856 Kilmarnock, Ayr, Scotland 22 November 1895 of Cancer Detroit, Wayne Co., MI
md. 23 May 1876
(Wayne Co., MI)
Edward F. Wilds ca. 1856 MI after 1910 census ?
#3 John Thomas Loy ca. 1858 Detroit, Wayne Co., MI 15 January 1884/5 Detroit, Wayne Co., MI
md. 8 October 1880
(Wayne Co., MI)
Mary Donovan ca. 1861 Detroit, Wayne Co., MI ? ?
#4 Owen Loy February 1861 Detroit, Wayne Co., MI after 1900 census ?
md. 22 May 1889 [license 21 May]
(Wayne Co., MI)
Nellie Collins ca. 1868 Ireland ? ?
#5 Henry Loy
8 March 1865
Detroit, Wayne Co., MI 12 December 1927 Detroit, Wayne Co., MI
#6 Charles Loy December 1871 Detroit, Wayne Co., MI 6 January 1938 Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., OH
md. 10 January 1900
(Wayne Co., MI)
Agnes Mary Brophy ? ? ? ?
I thought I’d add more to this family’s info, so I checked census and found the following:

Res. 1860 Detroit (P.O.), First Ward District, Wayne Co., MI [pg. 60]. Patrick Loy 35 Ireland, Catharine 30 Ireland, Maggie 5 Scotland, Rose 4 Scotland, John 2 Scotland. Patrick’s occupation: laborer, with no real estate value, and personal estate value $100.

Res. 1860 Detroit (P.O.), First Ward District, Wayne Co., MI [pg. 38]. Martin Nestor 35 Ireland, Margaret 36 Ireland, Margaret 8 MI, Kittie 3 MI, Rose Loy 55 Ireland, Patrick Nestor 39 Ireland, Ellen Welch 58 Ireland. Martin and wife Margaret could not read or write. Daughter Margaret attended school during the year. Martin’s occupation: Saloon Keeper, with no real estate value, and personal estate value $500. Patrick’s occupation: Porter.

For surnames in 1860, the names could either be “Loy” or “Lay.”

Res. 1870 Detroit (P.O.), 9th Ward Detroit, Wayne Co., MI [pg. 351a, sheet 285] Owen Loy 41 Ireland, Bridget 27 Ireland, Margaret 9 MI, Rose A. 7 MI, Mary 3 MI, Rose 80 Ireland. Owen’s occupation: laborer, with real estate value $1,200 and no personal estate value.

I couldn’t find Patrick and his family in any census database for 1870.

Res. 1880 12th Ward City of Detroit, Wayne Co., MI [ED 310, pg. 459a, sheet 23]. Catherine Loy (widowed, head) 49 Ireland of Ireland parentage, John (single, son) 23 MI of Ireland parentage, Oney (single, son) 20 MI of Ireland parentage, Henry (son) 15 MI of Ireland parentage, Charley (son) 9 MI of Ireland parentage. Charley attended school during the year. Catherine and Oney could not read or write. Henry could not write. John’s and Henry’s occupations: laborer. Oney’s occupation: painter.

Res. 1900 at 269 Nineteenth St., Detroit, Wayne Co., MI [ED 107, pg. 79a, sheet 2a], in a rented house. Catherine Loy (widowed, head) (October 1832) 67 Ireland of Ireland parentage, Henry (single, son) (March 1866) 34 MI, Charles (married, son) (December 1871) 28 MI, Agnus (married, daughter-in-law) (October 187[5?]) 2[4?] Canada-Eng of Ireland and Canada-Eng parentage. Catherine had 14 children, 4 living that year. Charles and Agnus were married 0 years; Agnus had 0 children, 0 living that year. Catherine came to the U.S. in 1856, in U.S. for 44 years. Agnus came to the U.S. in 1876, in U.S. for 24 years. Henry’s occupation: [painter?]. Charles’ occupation: [illegible two words. Second word looks like “tiller” or “fitter”]

Res. 1900 at 455 Eighteenth St., Detroit, Wayne Co., MI [ED 109, pg. 115a, sheet 2a], in a rented house. Owen Loy (February 1861) 39 MI of Ireland parentage, Nellie (wife) (July 1869) 30 Ireland of Ireland parentage, John (son) (June 1888) 11 MI, Lanora (daughter) (May 1894) 6 MI, Rosanna (daughter) (February 1899) 1 MI. John attended school 9 months during the year. Owen and Nellie were married 12 years; Nellie had 5 children, 3 living that year. Nellie came to U.S. in 1885, in U.S. for 15 years. Owen’s occupation: painter (house), unemployed 4 months during the census year. This family shared same dwelling but household after that of Thomas and Bertha Garland and their children.

Also, Patrick was listed in 1856 passenger index for Detroit, MI in “Passage to America 1851-1869: The Records of Richard Elliott, Passenger Agent, Detroit, Michigan
By Mary Lou Straith Duncan. The Detroit Society for Genealogical Research, Inc., 1999. 194 pages.”

Detroit City Directories:

Charles F. Clarks Detroit City Directory for the years 1862-63

Loy, Patrick, lab, h al bet First and Cass and Larned w and Congress w.

Loyd, Owen, lab, h Cass bet Jefferson av and Larned w.

Charles F. Clark & Co.’s annual city directory of the inhabitants, business firms, etc., of the city of Detroit, 1866-67

Loy, Patrick, laborer, h.r. 278 Lafayette w.

J.W. Weeks & Co.’s annual city directory of Detroit, for 1873-4

Loy, Owen, lab, h 41 Harrison ave.

Loy, Patrick, lab., 594 Woodbridge w.

J.W. Weeks & Co.’s annual city directory of Detroit, for 1874-5

Loy, Owen, lab, h 41 Harrison ave.

Loy, Patrick, contractor, h 594 Woodbridge west

Detroit City Directory 1879

Loy, Catherine (wid Patrick) h 395 Baker

Loy, John, lab, bds 395 Baker

Loy, Oney, Painter, bds 395 Baker

Loy, Owen, lab, h 41 Harrison Ave.

Detroit, MI Directory 1890-1891

Catherine Loy (widow Patrick), 261 18th