Johannes Loy (to America 1740)

Johannes Loy (1721 Germany—[will proven 4 December] 1798 Frederick Co., VA)
Maria Elizabetha _____

Johannes arrived in Philadelphia, PA on 25 November 1740 on the ship Loyal Judith, shipmaster Lovell Paynter. The ship had sailed from Rotterdam by way of Deal, Kent, England. Note that this was the same ship on which Georg(e) Christopher Loy arrived eight years prior.

Early family historians had always assumed the John Loy, ancestor of the Frederick County, Virginia Loys, to be the John Heinrich Loy, brother of John Georg(e) (Hans Jurich) Loy, who came to America in 1733. However, Grady Loy, a descendant of the John Loy of Frederick County, Virginia, is of the opinion these were two different John Loys. During one of our email exchanges, Grady had mentioned this to me. A short time later he posted his findings in great detail at the Rootsweb Loy Message Board. Grady has researched his Loys about as long as I’ve researched mine, and I know his research has been very thorough.

Due to this, I am revising the Frederick County, Virginia Loys to be under the ancestor Grady concluded was the true John Loy immigrant. That is, Johnannes Loy (surname written “Ley” in Rupp’s book on Pennsylvania German immigrants), who came to America in 1740.

Some researchers who recorded this family under John Heinrich Loy (to America 1733) have said Maria Elizabetha was daughter of Johan Conrad and Anna Maria Kumpf and that the Kumpfs arrived on the same ship as Matthias Loy (to America 1733): their other daughter Catherina Anna Kumpf married Matthias Loy (to America 1733). Other researchers have disputed this. As the only in-depth Loy research I have done has been descendants of Martin Loy (to America 1741), I have not researched any of this for verification. However, I have verified that the Frederick County, Virginia John Loy’s 1798 will names wife Elizabeth.

Their children:


Born Where Died Where
#1 Maria Elizabeth Loy 14 January 1751 Lancaster Co., PA ? Frederick Co., VA
md. Samuel Hott 1741 Lancaster Co., PA 1810 Frederick Co., VA
#2 Daniel Loy 1755 Lancaster Co., PA 1840 Hampshire Co., VA
md. 1776 Christina Millslagle 1760 Berks Co., PA ? Hampshire Co., VA
#3 Maria Loy 1756 Lancaster Co., PA ? ?
#4 Christina Loy 1758 Lancaster Co., PA 1820 Pickaway Co., OH
md. Henry Hott ? ? 1805 Frederick Co., VA
#5 Catherine Loy 3 August 1760 Lancaster Co., PA ? ?
md. John Moyer ? ? ? ?
#6 Mary Elizabeth Loy 1765 Berks Co., PA 1790 Frederick Co., VA
md. 21 May 1787 Frederick Schultz ? ? ? ?
#7 Madeline Loy 1767 Berks Co., PA ? ?
#8 John Loy one source: 1770, but news article on wedding gives his age 85 years = 1764 Berks Co., PA 1856 Frederick Co., VA
md. 26 March 1849 (Jefferson Co., VA [now WV])
after 40 years of courtship
Catherine Sargent one source: 1784, but news article on wedding gives her age 75 years, 6 months = about September 1773 ? ? ?
#8 Conrad Loy 6 May 1771 Berks Co., PA 1858 Frederick Co., VA
md. 29 December 1791 Catherine Hannum 1772 PA ? Frederick Co., VA