New LOY Mailing List And Other Happenings

Yes, I know it’s been some time since my last post. Lots been happening, including upcoming eye surgery. (But I don’t want to think about that yet! ?)


The other day I received an email invitation to the Effingham County Illinois list at It was from the Effingham County Illinois mailing group moderator, as I’d been subscriber to their Rootsweb list. Just like when Ancestry bought out message board Genforum (once owned by FamilyTreeMaker’s, as of 2 March 2020 all the Rootsweb mailing lists will become obsolete and will only be searchable archives.

Today I decided to start a similar mailing list for LOY, to replace the one that will be lost at Rootsweb. I have the capabilities to start and run a list on this site, but why re-invent the wheel when already has the mailing group format and all I have to do is link a subscription form to this site? So that’s what I did.

It will free more time for me to work on perfecting the LOY forum already on this site. Although the LOY forum at Rootsweb is said to still be available, who knows if it may eventually be next for the chopping block, à la Genforum.


If some of you have noticed, once in awhile this Loy website has had downtime. The current website host provider Hostmonster has been the third home for this site. The first was the obsolete FortuneCity (free web hosting) and second was Rootsweb’s Freepages (free web hosting…for now). While taking web programming classes over ten years ago, my instructor recommended this paid hosting provider. But now that WordPress is so prominent for making websites, I’m finding that my current provider doesn’t have bandwidth capacity to run all three sites I have with my account. Even after my shutting down the other two so this one will run on enough bandwidth.

I’ve recently found a provider with bandwidth dedicated to WordPress hosting, at less cost. However, to get introductory price I’d have to pay up front for three-year subscription. I’m aiming for either late March or April to afford the switch. (Hint…If anyone would like to donate to the new host fund, please feel free to do so. ? ) The anticipated migration to another host is why I’ve not yet added some of the features I’d been planning, such as a better photo gallery and a Loy social media section.

So keep watching, there’s more to come! ?

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  1. Larry or Dixie Loy

    Hello – it is good to get your reply…we have been busy as we are making a BIG move to Texas in early 2021.

    I looked back in our research and I cannot locate where I got George Adam Loy, Jr. I have this smart computer and it often throws in text on its own. I will delete that entry and get it corrected on our other data bank. Thanks for bringing that to my attention.

    Looking forward to hearing from other LOY keth and kin…
    Dixie & Larry Loy.

  2. Larry and Dixie Loy

    Hello Extended Keth and Kin,
    We are sending greetings from the ‘land of enchantment,” to all. We continue to review and research the LOY family with the help of many. Thank all of you for your information and input. LOY is my married name and my husband is decendanded from George Adam Loy and Elizabeth Massengale (?sp variation?). George’s great grandson, Richard Dee Loy born 1898 in Texas, and his family moved to New Mexico in 1923. They farmed in small NM communities in Dona Ana and Roosevelt Counties. Dee and his wife, Mayme, moved to Albuquerque in the early 1950’s so that he could be closer to the Veteran’s Hospital and Medicare there. Dee was a soldier in WWI and was gassed in France. He never recovered from those injuries.
    His family was from Nat, Texas. Dee’s father was Remus Romulus Loy, called Bud, and his mother was Louvenia M. Whitaker. In 1933, their family (Dee, Mayme, Harold, James, Maxine, and Margaret) returned to Nat to help on Bud’s farm for a short time. (account from Maxine Loy-Henning) Then they returned to Bethel Community, Roosevelt County, NM where the children attended school at Portales, NM.
    James and Harold both served in WWII.
    James was my husband’s father. The Loy line for him and our children is James Rue married R.Foster > R. Dee married M L. Parmley> R.R. “Bud”Bud married M L. Whitaker>John Thomas married L.Grayson>George Adam married E. Barsheba Massengale>George, Sr married M K Tilghman>Martin to America married C. Foust…
    This family line migrated to Texas from Madison County, Alabama around 1840-1850.

    1. loyhistorian Post author

      Hi Dixie!

      I see you joined the Loy mailing list, so everyone can discuss this in depth there. I’m curious as to your source of George Loy having a middle name. All sources I’ve found at time he was alive, including his signature, just have “George Loy”.

  3. Kathy Peacock Hannesson

    I just found your site as I was researching my Loy family name. I’ve just subscribed. My mother was Patricia Loy , daughter of Howard M Loy, son of William E. Loy, Son of Daniel Loy etc etc back to Martin Loy. It sounded like you didn’t have current information on the Howard Loy family. I can give it to you.
    My mother married Robert Peacock

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