John Heinrich Loy (to America 1733)

John Heinrich Loy (born ca. 1720 Baden, Germany)

John Heinrich Loy, age 13, arrived in Philadelphia, PA on 17 August 1733 on the ship Elizabeth. Also on the ship were his brother John George (Hans Jurich) and wife Maria Elizabeth (Troud).

Early family historians had always assumed him to be brother of John Georg(e) (Hans Jurich) Loy and that John Heinrich was the John Loy who was ancestor of the Frederick County, Virginia Loys. However, Grady Loy, a descendant of the John Loy of Frederick County, Virginia, is of the opinion these were two different John Loys. During one of our email exchanges, Grady had mentioned this to me. A short time later he posted his findings in great detail at the Rootsweb Loy Message Board. Grady has researched his Loys about as long as I’ve researched mine, and I know his research has been very thorough.

Due to this, I am revising the Frederick County, Virginia Loys to be under the ancestor Grady concluded was the true John Loy immigrant. That is, Johnannes Loy (surname written “Ley” in Rupp’s book on Pennsylvania German immigrants), who came to America in 1740.

As for the 1733 immigrant John Heinrich Loy, in light of this, he seems to disappear from civil records. I vaguely recall one researcher years back that suggested he might have even died young. Only more research will tell. I will admit, it is very odd that in the History of Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, the article which focuses on Matthias Loy (to America 1733) mentions brother John Georg(e) Loy but does not mention John Heinrich.