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This will provide clues to researcher, if only county and state of ancestor’s residence are known; mainly years 1900 and prior.

After 1900, more branches migrated to other areas, often sharing areas of migration with other branches. Prior, most stayed in locations their family groups resided for generations. (There *are* a few exceptions, but even then, at least you can narrow it down to these branches sharing specified area.)

As late as 1900 census, these areas in the dropdown list were mostly settled by descendants of Loys given here.

Select area from dropdown list, then read info on pertaining Loy branch(es) in textbox below. If needed, use scrollbar on right of textbox to view all text.

Know just the town but not county? Check here:

Years ago, Rootsweb’s TownCo Identifier had a very user-friendly format. But it, along with other great Rootsweb resources, has become extinct. However, here are alternatives: Hoosiers By the Numbers has a city and county identifier, while giving the city’s population and what percentage of the city lies in that county, as some cities can be situated in two or more counties; Stats America city and county identifier; and U.S. Counties, which gives ZIP code with city and county identifier.