William Loy (1823-1878) Family Reunion 1900 Dayton Ohio

William Loy (1823 – 1878) was son of John Loy, son of George Peter Loy, son of Adam Loy, son of John George (Hans Jurich) Loy (to America 1733).

From Tuesday, 14 August 1900 Dayton Daily News (Dayton, OH) pg. 7:


The eleventh annual reunion of the William Loy family was held in a grove one mile north of Gettysburg, on Aug. 9. Those present were: Mrs. William Loy, Mrs. Tomey and children, Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Reed and family, Mr. and Mrs. Jonas George and family, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Nicholas and family, Mr. and Mrs. Isaiah Motz and family, Mr. and Mrs. William Trozel and family, Mr. and Mrs. John Loy and family, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Van Dyne and family, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Loy and family, Mr. Sheridan Loy and lady friend, besides 38 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren. Visitors: Mrs. Judge Boltin of Dayton, Mr. George Loy, Sr., and Mr. George Loy, Jr., and family, and Mr. David Loy and family of Miamisburg, Mr. Peter Christman and family of Alexandersville, Mr. and Mrs. William Fox and family of Miamisburg, Mr. and Mrs. Snyder of Dayton, Mr. William Bricker and family of New Lebanon, Mrs. Adam Eby and daughters of West Carrollton, Mr. Fred Tryer and family of Liberty, Mr. Neal Nye and family of Liberty and numerous others. The day was passed with music and games, especially by a graphophone operated by Mr. Allen of New Lebanon. A sumptuous dinner was served at noon, of which 116 persons partook. At a late hour the crowd dispersed, wishing all could be present at the next reunion, to be held one year hence.

An 1898 Columbia AT model Graphophone, similar to one Mr. Allen would have operated at 1900 Loy reunion. [Image feed originally from now defunct phonojack.com, archived via Wayback Machine Archive of Phonojack.com]

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