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Hello Everyone!!

There’s a new addition to this site that I’ve wanted to include for some time. And that’s a Loy Query Forum. Over the years I’ve seen a handful of surname query boards —all that I’d at one time linked to this site — bite the dust. Either through becoming stale (no new posts in past decade or so) or by being taken over by Ancestry, such as Rootsweb and Genforum. Rootsweb still has its LOY surname board as well as LOY surname email list, but over past seven years I’ve noticed new posts are slower than a trickle. So I feel it’s time for a fresher query forum, with more opportunities for participation.

Besides forums for LOY surname and specific branches, I added forums for family recipes, reunions, a place to seek old photos and records…and I’ll be adding more forums and topics. Unlike the comment section on this site’s blog and pages, where registration isn’t mandatory, the forum will require user registration to post. Once you register, you should be able to add your own topic threads. (With the forum just hours old, I haven’t had any guinea pigs distant cousins to try it out yet, to know how this works from their end.) But viewing is open to anyone, registered or not.

Hope y’all enjoy this new feature!

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  1. Carol Tolman

    Hi Loy family!
    My name is Carol Ann Loy Tolman. I am originally from Sardis, Harrison County, West Virginia. My father was Charles John Loy s/o Ralph Buster Loy s/o John Arlis Loy s/o Rezin Benjamin Loy s/o William Loy. I believe Williams father could have been a John or James Loy who came to America from Dublin. If anyone out there could possibly have any information on my family tree I would appreciate the help greatly!
    Thank you so much for any help!

    1. loyhistorian Post author

      Hi Carol,

      I knew I was having problems with the Query Board’s “Recaptcha” (where you click on pictures of cars, etc.) some time ago and thought I had the bug cleared up…but still haven’t gotten any posts there, so wondering if this problem still persists. Please let me know if you had any problems with it and I’ll try to do some more troubleshooting.

      As for your question, though…I might be able to help a little. First, I was surprised you were finding hints of an Ireland connection. I won’t rule it out, but from my experience, most of the WV Loys from that era descend from Johannes/John Loy whose will was proven in 1798 in Frederick Co., VA. Although that family lived in the eastern part of WV (Harrison Co.) I have a chart on “Johannes” here:

      I went to FamilySearch for a few minutes of cursory search and found someone had a tree on William that gave his father as Andrew Loy.

      Although source was not given, I believe this comes from the 1862 record of William’s second marriage:

      I also found this clipping from 1854 of Harrison County “A List of Delinquent Titheables” from 1853, listing William Loy and Samuel Loy (list is in surname alphabetical order, so you can find them easier among all the others listed)
      Samuel Loy is in the 1850 Harrison County (then VA) census, where his age comes to an estimated 1823 birth. (Maybe William’s younger brother??)


  2. Daniel Loy

    Hello.. Martin Loy is my 8th great grandfather. I have been doing a family tree and piecig together all the info I can find. Thank you for the info you have shared and found. I would love to contact and speak with you on some of this. Could you email me at

    1. loyhistorian Post author

      Hi Cousin Len !

      And thanks for the compliment ! 🙂 Aunt Alma was my dad’s maternal aunt, so we’re 2nd cousins on that end of the Loys. (Alma’s mother Frances was Grandma’s stepmother whom she considered as her own mother.)

      Did you known Aunt Alma’s husband, your grandfather, Jerald Croft was also a Loy descendant? He was Alma’s 3rd cousin once removed. So we’re 5th cousins once removed through his Loy-McWhorter-Croft line, too.

      BTW, does anyone in Aunt Alma’s family have photo of her dad, digitized, that might be sent me by email? I only have one copied photo of him, when he was older, and it’s not that clear. (Just enough to show that he and my dad really resembled.) Uncle Bill had said *he* had some photos of his dad, but in those days no computers, scanners, or even internet. So I couldn’t get copies. 🙁

      1. Len Seward

        Thank you for the information. I had no idea about the relationship between my Grandma and Grandpa. I do not have a lot of info on my Grandpa Croft’s family tree. Any info you might have would be greatly appreciated.

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