George Hollis Loy (born 1847 Morrow County Ohio)

George Hollis Loy was born in 1847 in Morrow County, OH. According to one tree at FamilySearch, his exact birth was 7 April. He was son of Frederick Slagle Loy, son of Frederick Loy, son of George Frederick Loy, son of John George (Hans Jurich) Loy.

From online trees, I’ve found nothing more mentioned on George Hollis Loy after 1860 census. Not even a death date/place of death found.

However, a tragic occurrence during his boyhood (when he was 12) was reported in the Thursday, 1 September 1859 The Weekly Independence Civilian (Independence, Iowa):

Sad Accident.

   On Wednesday of last week, George Loy, a son of Frederick Loy of this town, lost his right arm while working at a threshing machine; the machine was about stopping, and the boy reached over to push in a few straws that remained on the machine, and was caught by a portion of his sleeve and almost in an instant, and while no one else was observing, the whole arm was drawn in and lacerated in a shocking manner almost to the shoulder. It was some time before assistance could be obtained, as Mr. Loy is living on the farm of Mr. Day, about three miles south of the village. Dr. Bryant, assisted by Drs. Warne, Hunt and Parsons of this place, amputated the arm and dressed the wound. Chloroform was administered during the surgical operation and releived [sic] much of the suffering. We understand the arm is doing as well as could be expected. Dr. Bryant has a fine reputation as a surgeon.
   To the sufferer we extend our sympathy—to others we hope it will prove a useful warning.

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