Who Doesn’t Like Freebies and Discounts?

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Signups and/or sales via these links below and elsewhere on this site will give referral points/commissions towards this site’s administration, entitling us both to perks for your participation. 🙂 This will help offset costs of hosting and maintaining LoyHistory.com, and finance upcoming new features.  All businesses and point-promotion sites listed below and elsewhere on this site, I’ve personally patronized and vouch for their great service.


Capital One isn’t like a typical bank. Besides no monthly service fees, these accounts earn interest.


Join Swagbucks!
Swagbucks is one of my all-around favorites. Earning can be done through their website and/or any/all of their phone apps. Besides surveys, you can get points just for doing web searches, watching short videos, and even for just popping in for a one-question poll. Those as young as age 13 may join. Points can be redeemed for gift cards or PayPal cash.

Shopkick is a really easy way to earn points to redeem for gift cards by using its smartphone app. When you join and use the app in featured stores, you earn points by scanning product barcodes with the app, submitting via app the receipt images of purchased featured products, and at some stores you earn points just for walking in. In the few months I’ve been a member, I’ve already earned five $5 Walmart gift cards. Cashout is instant. For example, if I only have a few points to go for cashout for a Walmart gift card, and get my last points needed during a store visit, I can click to redeem in the app and my gift card instantly shows up in the app for me to spend. Another plus, all the cashier has to do is scan the gift card barcode on my phone app: it works the same as having a physical gift card.

MyPoints offers points for online purchases, filling out surveys, watching video ads and other promotions. These points can be redeemed for valuable gift cards or PayPal cash.

InboxDollars offers points through their phone app or website for online purchases, surveys, watching video ads and other promotions. These points can be redeemed for valuable gift cards or PayPal cash. To cash out, the minimum is $30 worth of earnings. But unlike other points earning sites, they “charge” a processing fee ($3), deducted from your $30, when you go to cash out. This may seem unfair, but wait. They have an alternative offer once you click “redeem” for the $30, that the $3 fee is waived if you cash out at the next increment, $40, within 30 days. (If you initially tried to cash out at $40, you’d have to cash out at $50 to waive fee.) The insider secret: If you can’t wait for the money, then you can cash out at $30, minus the $3, for a $27 giftcard, virtual Visa Card, or a mailed check. Once you’ve cashed out, although it isn’t advertised, your $3 “fee” will be deposited as a bonus into your points account toward your next redemption. However, if you can wait for the next tier, go ahead and click to redeem at $30, then accept their challenge for getting to the $40 cash out tier within 30 days. When you’ve accomplished the challenge, not only will your $3 fee be waived, but a $3 bonus will still be deposited into your account!

InstaGC is one of the points earning sites with quick turnaround time in redemption. Besides giftcards, they offer cash outs in PayPal and bank direct deposit.

Prize Rebel not only has quick turnaround in redemption, in addition to giftcards and PayPal, they also offer points redemption in BitCoin.



Here’s where you can buy vouchers and get national or local products/services at a great discount. Products offered change daily or until available quantity runs out. By signing up for email notifications, you can get daily/weekly notices when these sales are in effect.

One of the first I joined was Groupon. They have local and national offers. I’d missed out on their half price offer at a hair salon I normally visit. But later, I took advantage of their eBay promo: buy a $7 Groupon Voucher and get $15 to spend on eBay. At that time, a points website I use was offering points for eBay purchases, and eBay’s “eBay Bucks” promo had just started that week. So I got three deals in one! Twice I got $20 to use at Old Navy for $10…really, basically free with my $10 referral credits.