Effingham County, IL

All of these pictures were scanned from Helen's originals. If anyone has similar (identified) copies of these photos, or recognizes any of the subjects, please let us know who they are. There is a chance some may be of Helen's maternal line. However, since Helen's father's parents Andrew C. Loy and Emma Estelle (Tedrick) Loy both descended from John and Mary (Hodges) Loy, the majority of these pictures should be of Loy descendants. Emma's parents were James Emery and Martha Ann (Funk) Tedrick--Martha Ann being granddaughter of Harmon and Elizabeth (Loy) Cronk.

Note: With dial-up internet, it may take awhile for these images to load.

#1-Tin Type

#2-Tin Type

#3-Tin Type

Helen and I wondered if the man on the left
was a younger John Henry Loy (b. 1839),
son of Joseph and Rachel. The trouble is,
the Loys all look so much alike.
Perhaps that's because they're related! ;-)

#4-Tin Type

#5-Tin Type
Helen and I were almost positive this
was her grandfather Andrew C. Loy, but someone else said it wasn't. Can anyone else confirm identity?

#6-Tin Type

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