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Cherished Family Recipes

For fun, thought I'd include a recipe section. No real rules as to what's considered a "family recipe": it could just start with your generation, or go back many generations. Even a favorite potluck or family reunion dish where everyone asks you to give them the recipe.

BTW, to any of you from Martin Loy's (to America 1741) son George...not to sound like the Walton's Mountain Baldwin sisters...but I'm curious if the George Loy version of "Papa's Recipe" still exists. 😛 According to George's son Jacob's son Henry Loy, in a letter to Henry's nephew Harvey Loy, "I have often heard Father [Jacob Loy] talk of a preacher that usually stopped at his father's when he came to preach. Grandfather Loy [George Loy] kept a distillery and Father said the preacher always called him away from the church after preaching, to go home and get him his half-pint of whiskey. He had to have it before preaching, too, and said he couldn't preach without it."

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