New Loy Query Forum

Hello Everyone!!

There’s a new addition to this site that I’ve wanted to include for some time. And that’s a Loy Query Forum. Over the years I’ve seen a handful of surname query boards —all that I’d at one time linked to this site — bite the dust. Either through becoming stale (no new posts in past decade or so) or by being taken over by Ancestry, such as Rootsweb and Genforum. Rootsweb still has its LOY surname board as well as LOY surname email list, but over past seven years I’ve noticed new posts are slower than a trickle. So I feel it’s time for a fresher query forum, with more opportunities for participation.

Besides forums for LOY surname and specific branches, I added forums for family recipes, reunions, a place to seek old photos and records…and I’ll be adding more forums and topics. Unlike the comment section on this site’s blog and pages, where registration isn’t mandatory, the forum will require user registration to post. Once you register, you should be able to add your own topic threads. (With the forum just hours old, I haven’t had any guinea pigs distant cousins to try it out yet, to know how this works from their end.) But viewing is open to anyone, registered or not.

Hope y’all enjoy this new feature!

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