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All commission proceeds from sales on this site will help go toward keeping this website alive and running. Right now I have five categories from items I’ve hand- mouse-click selected from Amazon: LOY Places and Things; Genealogy Books; Genealogy Accessories; Mugs, Shirts, etc.; and DNA Kits.
(As of October 2017, Amazon no longer offers widget to display all these items, so I’m having to go back and enter each category manually. From what I understand, even if a person doesn’t order any items in my list, but still clicks on one of my links to get to Amazon and buys something else, I’ll still get credit for the sale.)

LOY Places and Things


The USS Loy was named for Grandma’s 2nd cousin, Jackson Keith Loy, killed in WWII. Grandpa’s 2nd cousin married Jack’s sister. The families lived in Effingham Co., IL, descended from Martin Loy’s (to America 1741) son Henry.

This one says “My Other Ride is the USS Loy.”

This one is for veterans who served on the USS Loy.

This book includes 1930s biographical interviews with those to be resettled, including Loy descendants.

New Loyston, TN, named for the original Loyston (flooded by TVA) which was mainly settled by descendants of Martin Loy’s (to America 1741) son George’s son “Fisher” John Loy.
Loysburg, PA, named for Martin Loy (to America 1774).

Loysburg, PA
Loysburg Gap, PA

Don’t ask me why…but Amazon seller doesn’t have this version for girl princesses of Loysburg.
Loysville, PA, named for founder Michael Loy, son of Matthias Loy (to America 1733)

And Loysville doesn’t have one for princesses, either.
Loysville Area Code Sticker